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Sue Walker

Author photograph by A Hargreaves

Sue Walker is an investigative television journalist. She has spent many years specializing in crime-related documentaries.

Born in Edinburgh, she now lives on the Sussex coast but her novels are based in Scotland. They are set in dramatic locations such as the Outer Hebrides, the East Lothian coast, and lesser known parts of Edinburgh.

She began her career with the BBC before going freelance. Since then she has worked for all the UK networks. This included a Channel 4 series on miscarriages of justice that helped free prisoners wrongly convicted of murder.

Sue has also been involved in looking at the cases of Fred and Rosemary West, for a series examining how and why the killings happened. This meant her having access to the unique legal archive of the cases - access that very few journalists have had.

Her first novel, THE REUNION, was selected for WH Smith's Fresh Talent and reached number 6 in the Australian bestseller list.

Interviews with Sue can be found on the Penguin website