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the reunion  
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THE REUNION has a number of Scottish locations: Edinburgh, the East Neuk of Fife and the Outer Hebrides. My home city of Edinburgh I know intimately, and the fishing villages of Fife I love. But it was my unexpected encounter with the Outer Hebrides that sparked off a certainty in me that I would use them as a location

(Picture 1)
This is Scarista beach on Harris. It is exquisitely beautiful and unspoilt. I took this photo some years back when I was working on a TV programme that took me to the Outer Hebrides. I have travelled widely during my journalistic career but this was somewhere I had never been before. During that wonderful trip I knew I would have to use Harris and Lewis as a location.

In THE REUNION, one of my main characters, Innes Haldane, has a memorable meeting on this very beach.

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The Callanish Stones on Lewis are quite remarkable. A bit like Stonehenge, the area is much smaller than you think. It's also very quiet, peaceful and atmospheric. In
THE REUNION, Danny and Abby meet there.